Lohengrin 1985

Lohengrin- Alberto Remedios

Elsa- Karen Bureau

Ortrud- Nance Grant

Telramund- Geoffrey Chard

Conductor- Richard Divall

Director- August Everding

Designer- Kenneth Rowell

At the time one of the world’s largest moving stages- the amazing LohengRin production of the 1980’s directed by August Everding and designed by Kenneth Rowell. Noel Mangin (c) the VSO chorus includes prominent barrister -the late Stephen Shirrefs (described in the upper insert) Adrian Collette (later the longest serving general manager/CEO of Opera Australia) Bruce Williams (head of drama at Latrobe Uni now retired), Jerzy Koszlowski (still very active touring and performing opera) and many more- Barristers and judges were well represented onstage! The costume shot is Victoria Watson –photo Lucas de Jong